The Vormu Story

Vormu is two friends, Pepe and Reima; based out of Helsinki and Singapore. We started Vormu in Finland in 2015, with one idea - to create the perfect notebook. One that combines functionality, versatility and design. A notebook that fits almost any pocket, so you'll carry it everywhere. The best notebook is the one with you, we think.

We both work as designers and in our jobs we rely heavily on testing products and services with real users. Thats how we started with Vormu too.

In the spring of 2015 we designed and made more than ten different prototypes of the perfect notebook. We tried different sizes, we tested with shapes and designs. We tried and tested, we revisioned and remade. In the end, we found the one – a notebook slightly smaller than the legendary Midori Traveller's Notebook, yet bigger than the Field Notes. The shape is higher than standard notebooks, so you can fit more writing on the page, and the whole spread is nice to draw on, as it is almost a square. We made five prototypes and gave them to five friends who we knew would use them for different purposes. The summer testing was on.

In August, after the Finnish summer holidays, we collected the feedback and ideas from our users, and finalized the design. We made the leather a bit thicker, redesigned the model for elastic bands and tuned the shape and size. The end result is The Vormu Notebook – a leather cover holding in up to four 64 page paper notebooks.

The leather cover made from the best leather in the world. Tärnsjö Garveri has been broducing high quality leathers well over hundred years in Sweden. Their leather can be found on many luxury and high quality products, as the legendary Brooks bicycle saddles. We also like their ideology and tradition on tanning with natural exctracts, i.e. vegetable tanning.

The paper notebooks, fills as we call them, come from Seoul, South Korea, from a small company called Bandit Apple. The paper is very high grade, doesn't bleed through, so it's perfect for both, inking and writing, as it doesn't show through. The notebooks are hand made in Vietnam, and the pages are sewn to the cover page. The structure is stronger than stapled, and the archiving is better as thread doesn't rust. We are also planning to expand our fill selection with something more economic. We've been told that the paper might be a bit too good for average thoughts.

The fill attachment design is minimal and easy to repair. As the only part of the notebook that will wear out in few years, along with the fills, of course, we wanted to make the elastic bands easy to replace at home. The bands are also an easy way to personallize your notebook, add some color to it.

As we made the design and produce the notebooks on our spare time, we decided to produce in batches. We order a selection of leathers for a batch, do the cutting and finishing ourselves in our small workshop in Helsinki's Kallio district, and put the batch on sale on our web store. Usually a batch is something between 30 and 70 covers, depending on the leather. As a living animal, some bits of the leather may be unusable for covers with scars, animal bites and such. When the batch is sold, we order the next set of leathers. And so it goes. The paper fills we'll try to keep in stock, as our customers seem to fill up the pages quite fast.

We do this as a passion to create better things that last. We hope that we can create something that makes people to stop once in a while and appreciate the moment. Turn the screens off for a few minutes and spend time with themselves. Have dialogue with their thoughs. Hopefully we manage, as there's most certainly a need.

If you have any questions, ideas, requests or anything, send us mail at

You can also find us on Facebook at

We also appreciate if you put your Vormu pictures on Instagram with #Vormu so we see where and how our notebooks are being used. Thanks!


Pertti Pitsinki & Reima Rönnholm

Helsinki, Finland

December 2015