Our Leathers


All our leathers come from Tärnsjö Garveri, Sweden. Their leather is extremely high quality, and their production methods meet our strict requirements. They take pride in their traditions and sustainability, and use only vegetable tanning, which creates the best of leathers. We wouldn't accept anything less.

We have selected three different leather options for our notebook line: the undyed natural, sleek business black, and the traditional medium brown cognac. The differences are deeper than just the color, so we have collected some information to make your choise easier. There is no wrong choice, yet we want to make sure you choose a leather for your personal taste and use.

Natural leather

This leather is the raw denim of the leather world. This is your choice if you want to invest time and personality to your notebook. If you want to have a truly unique product that lives and changes through time. The surface is soft and porous, and very light color when new, but will slowly turn to darker tan, even dark brown, depending how you use it.

Whether you decide to use care products, or decide to rely solely on the oils of your hands, natural leather will age with you. Check out our Taking care -page on how to handle natural leather.

Above Vormu natural leather notebook from our batch #1, photo taken 3 days after production. Below the same notebook two years and one month later.

Here are are few more nice examples of what time and use do for natural leather.  On the left example of natural leather patina form Procured Design, on right example by of aging by Void Wathces with Tärnsjö Garveri leather. You can do a Google image search with "natural leather patina" to see why we love our leathers natural. 

Business black

This is the understated Rolls Royce of our leathers. The pictures don't do business black justice. The reactions we get from our customers tell the truth. When the try their hands on this cool to touch, solid but flexible, extremely stylish leather, you can see the eyes light up. The coy smile on their faces. The black is dyed through, of course, and the semi glossy finish is truly Business. The way the light reflects on it, just little, makes the black look extremely deep. The patina on business black will be more subtle than on the other leathers, but it still will only get better with time. As good leather always does. This is your choice if you want to impress.


Cognac brown

The Classic. Medium brown cognac is the color that will never go out of style. It's hue is just perfect medium. It'll fit well with your dark blues and blacks, as well as different shades of browns and even whites. Cognac brown might not be the most unique of our colors, but it definitely is never wrong. The finish is semi glossy, and will show wear and scrathes just perfect. We love this classic to the core. Or grain, should we say. The patina will turn this leather darker, yet not as much as with natural leather. Choose this if brown is your thing.


Hopefully these descriptions aid you on choosing your leather. And don't worry, you really can't choose wrong. They all our astonishing and of high quality.