Taking Care of Your Leather

Our range of Vormu notebook leather covers come in dyed and undyed, natural, vegetable tanned leathers from Tärnsjö Garveri in Sweden.
All vegetable tanned leathers gain patina and age beautifully, and taking care of your leather products will ensure that they will stay perfect for decades. Natural undyed leather will gain most patina, changing in color through use and time, all unique to you and how you have cared for it. The dyed leather won’t show as much change through time, but it will also gain a nice patina. Here are some tips for taking care of your Vormu leather products.
Tanning is giving the leather a color. In case of natural leather, the environment gives the color, instead of different dye mixtures. Natural leather will tan in direct sunlight, as your own skin does, and the tan is always unique to the piece of leather and the user. We like to tan the natural leather products in sunlight for two to three days, but all our natural leather products are untanned. Tanning is up to you. No matter how you choos to do it, your leather wil tan, and will gain patina. It’s its nature.
Keeping it clean
Keeping your leather clean is the thing. Clamp sponge will do for most occasions, add a mild detergent or saddle soap to the mix for harder stains. Mink oil seems to work for those indigo stains you get from denim. Work the stain in small circles, remember to let it dry first, and then to treat your leather.
Treating your leather
Your leather is very easy maintenance. A coat of your choice of treatment every six months or so will suffice. Some even trust solely on the oils of their hands. It’s up to you, but remember, your leather doesn’t like to dry up. So be sure to find a way to keep your leather conditioned. We usually trust pure mink oil products, which usually contain a mixture of waxes and such. As long as you keep harsh chemicals of your leather, you should be good to go. In our natural leather products we provide you with a couple of test leather pieces so you can test out your treatment before applying it on.