Vormu Pocket Notebook
Vormu Pocket Notebook
Vormu Pocket Notebook
Vormu Pocket Notebook
Vormu Pocket Notebook
Vormu Pocket Notebook
Vormu Pocket Notebook
Vormu Pocket Notebook
Size compared to a pen and a standard post-it

Vormu Pocket Notebook


Our pride and joy, the handcrafted Vormu Pocket Notebook containing two premium replaceable booklets. What's included:

  • 1 x Vormu Pocket Notebook: The perfect pocket notebook, made with Tärnsjö Garveri vegetable tanned leather in your colour of choice – Natural, Business Black or Cognac

  • 2 x Vormu Notepaper Booklets: Our replaceable booklet inserts, each containing 64 numbered, high quality, 90gsm pages with virtually no bleed-through

For those who love the art of old school journaling and sketching. We took the best materials, combined them with uncompromising design and careful craftsmanship, and created a product you can use and love for years.

Lasts a lifetime

The leather notebook holds upto 4 notepaper inserts or booklets. Each can be dedicated to a purpose of your choice. One Vormu Pocket Notebook can hold separate private and professional booklets, one for sketching ideas and a journal. 

We think this is the only notebook you will ever need to buy. Used booklets are stackable and replaceable. The leather cover travels with you and only gets better with age and patina. You'll never have to start over again.

Ages beautifully

The extremely high quality vegetable tanned leather comes from Tärnsjö Garveri, Sweden, who have been operating since 1873. (You might have had the pleasure of experiencing their work if you ever sat your rear on a Brooks bike saddle.) The vegetable tanning ensures that the leather gains a beautiful patina, lasts a lifetime, and is produced respecting the environment.

This size has been designed to fit almost all pockets, rest well in your hand, yet be tall enough for comfortable writing with room for sketching. In everyday life, compromises abound, but when it came to everyday carrying, we made none. 

This is the perfect investment for those of you who want their most important items to stand the test of time, be relevant and meaningful, and make you smile every time you pull it out of your pocket.

Still contemplating? 

  • It's just the perfect size. Dimensions that fit to your hand and pocket better that any other notebook.
  • High quality leather covers, hand-made in our Helsinki & Singapore workshops. The leather will protect your notes from damage and wear.
  • Leather sourced from Tränsjö Graveri who also supplies leathers for Brooks saddles.
  • Comes with 2 high quality sewn bound booklets (the leather notebook cover carries 2-3 nicely at once), with one spread for indexing and 60 numbered pages. Vormu notepaper booklets come in two different colors, golden yellow and dark coffee. Plain high quality 90gsm paper with virtually no bleed-through. Colour is clean white, but still pleasant. 
  • System to replace booklets in your leather notebook.
  • Designed to be repairable and eternal. Rubber bindings for notebooks can be changed if they wear out.
  • Personalization options to make your covers even dearer to you.
  • Leather folders available to archive your filled in notepaper booklets.
  • If you prefer another size as your perfect size, we also sell leather covers with the same size as Field Notes and Moleskine.

And did we mention that you can send your notebook to us for refurbishing and maintenance, free of charge, any time? Just pay the postage for the notebook to find it's way to our workshop, and we'll take care of the rest.

Product Size:

  • The leather notebook: 18.7 x 10.5 cm (closed)
  • The replaceable booklet: 18 x 10 cm (closed)
  • In use: 18.7 x 10.5 x 2 cm (with 3 notebooks)


  • Tärnsjö Garveri Vegetable Tanned Leather – extremely high grade leather, trusted by premium brands that believe in tradition and quality
  • Three colours: Natural, Business Black and Cognac – Hint: Go for the natural if you are a Selvedge Denim type of person